California-Based Mexican Music and Cultural Organization, Los Cenzontles, Publishes Videos Using Archival Footage

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Los Cenzontles logo in gold and teal against a black background. A small red bird sits atop an ornate floral design.

Los Cenzontles has been digging into their archives, digitizing archival footage, and sharing them with the broader public.

Los Cenzontles is a cultural arts academy, band, production studio, and community space for youth and families working together to amplify Mexican roots in the Bay Area in California and beyond. So far, Los Cenzontles has published four new or remastered films.

View more videos on Los Cenzontles’ YouTube channel.

  • P’urhépecha Uékani (Beloved P’urhépecha) (2004): Depicts two young singers visiting their elder maestro in his Indigenous Michocacán pueblo.
  • Songs of Wood & Steel (2007): In studio with David Hidalgo.
  • Cuatro Maestros Touring Festival (2001): Featuring Los Cenzontles with Tejano accordionist Santiago Jimenez Jr, Andres Vega Delfin of Son Jarocho Group Mono Blanco, Julian Gonzalez, traditional mariachi and P’urhépecha master Atilano Lopez Patricio.
  • Caminos del Son (2004): Featuring a Los Cenzontles visit to Veracruz to explore the Son Jarocho in a variety of family and community settings.

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