Attendees mingle and interact with local artists demonstrating their work at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society in Baltimore. Photo by Meredith McGriff

View from above of many people gathered in a hotel lobby around posters and exhibit tables

The AFS Career Center connects folklorists across all disciplines and career stages with a large and diverse collection of relevant career opportunities.

The AFS Career Center is powered by YM Careers, the leading provider of job websites and career centers for professional associations. This partnership dramatically expands the scope of potential job searches and offers more resources and support for both job seekers and employers.

In addition to serving as a robust source of hundreds of relevant job opportunities, the AFS Career Center is set apart by a number of benefits it offers to job seekers and employers, including:

  • Job seekers can post anonymous resumes, allowing them to be recruited while remaining in complete control over which employers view their complete information.
  • Job seekers can choose to be alerted every time a new job becomes available that matches their personal goals and interests.
  • Job seekers and employers can gain exposure throughout YM Careers’ network of nearly 2,500 niche Career Centers.
  • Job seekers can take advantage of YM Careers’ bank of resources, including tips and career coaching.
  • Employers have a variety of options to expose jobs to passive job-seeking folklorists who do not visit job boards, including Job Flash emails to AFS’s registered job seekers.
  • Employers have extensive advertising opportunities.
  • Job content can be integrated into social media channels to engage folklorists and provide valuable job exposure to AFS’s audiences and relevant users of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels.
  • A mobile-responsive environment provides an optimal experience, regardless of the device being used.

Anyone may use these services, though you will have to register to access them.

For more information, please visit the AFS Career Center.