AFS relies on the generosity of members and individuals just like you. Every year, we work throughout the year to advance our field on multiple fronts, in many channels. AFS’s ongoing activities support your efforts to study, understand and communicate about folklore, and help you build professional and social networks inside and outside our community. AFS is committed to the growth and strength of our members, undertaking initiatives to remove barriers and provide services to the field.

Support and Enhance through the Sustainers’ Fund

The AFS Sustainers’ Fund donations will be used to support and enhance current programs and services. Your contribution assures that we continue to foster the Journal of American Folklore, AFS prizes, support for students, travel stipends, audiovisual equipment at the annual meeting, and the like, and may allow AFS to realize our goals to improve and expand our web-based resources, provide additional professional development opportunities, and multiply our advocacy efforts for individuals, programs, and institutions.

A smiling group stands in front of a sign that reads "Folklorists and Ethnomusicologists at Work Around the World"
Members of the AFS Cultural Diversity Committee gather in 2019.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - JUNE 12, 2020: Crowd of people walk into the light of sunset at a peaceful protest march on 14th Street in Manhattan.

Invest in the Future through the Endowment Fund

The AFS Endowment Fund is for donors who want to make a present gift or a future pledge that will be invested rather than spent. Investment income from these gifts will strengthen the Society and field for the long-term. Since the endowment-building campaign began in 2003, many of our colleagues have made present or future gifts; some have shared stories about why they gave. Contact Jessica Turner, Executive Director, 812/856-2346, to discuss future gifts.

Support AFS Prizes and Stipends

You may choose to direct your gift toward specific resources, like the Graduate Fieldwork Grant, annual meeting financial support, international and student participation, and the Leonard Norman Primiano Endowment.

Give Today!

We welcome gifts in any amount—your participation is what is important. Contributions to AFS, a non-profit organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The amount of your contribution will always remain confidential, but unless you would prefer to remain anonymous, we will add your name to our alphabetical list of donors.

Donations may also be sent by mail to the American Folklore Society, 800 East Third Street, Bloomington IN 47405 USA; indicate which fund you’re supporting in the memo line.