These members have made gifts—either present contributions or future pledges—to the Society’s Endowment Fund, thereby helping to sustain the permanence and strength of the Society and the field.

Roger D. Abrahams *
Barbara Allen
Patricia A. Atkinson
Peter Bartis *
Jane Beck
Dan and Batsheva Ben-Amos
Harris M. Berger
Barry Bergey
Katey Borland
Betsy Bowden
Paddy Bowman
Jan and Judy Brunvand
Peggy A. Bulger
John Burrison
Robert Cantwell
Lorraine Walsh Cashman and Ray Cashman
William M. Clements and Frances M. Malpezzi
Luisa Del Giudice
Giovanna Del Negro
John Dorst
James R. Dow
Carol Edison
Sue Eleuterio
Michael Robert Evans
Elizabeth Fine
Carl Fleischhauer
Michael Dylan Foster
Annette B. Fromm
Marcia Gaudet
Robert A. Georges
Nathan Georgitis
Janet Gilmore and James P. Leary
Diane E. Goldstein
Rochelle J. Goldstein *
Joseph P. Goodwin *
Andrea Graham
Gary M. Gugelchuk
Gregory Hansen
William Hansen
Anne Hatch
Lee Haring
Elissa R. Henken
Lani Herrmann
Joseph Hickerson
Susan Tower Hollis
Rachel Hopkin
Joyce A. Ice
Bill Ivey
Jeanne Harrah Johnson
Thomas W. Johnson 
Michael Owen Jones
Rosan A. Jordan and Frank de Caro *
Teresa F. Keeler
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
Lanlan Kuang
Elaine J. Lawless and Sandy Rikoon
Carl Lindahl
Barbara and Timothy Lloyd
Yvonne and Bill * Lockwood
Marsha MacDowell and C. Kurt Dewhurst
Mary Magoulick
Kate Grow McCormick
Judith McCulloh *
Nancy C. McEntire
Wolfgang and Barbara Mieder
Linda J. Milligan
Margaret A. Mills
Tom Mould
Patrick B. Mullen
Dorothy Noyes and Mike Krippendorf
Bonnie Blair O’Connor
Priscilla Ord
Elliott Oring
Cecelia Ottenweller
Maida Owens
Beverly B. and Daniel W. Patterson
Anne Pryor and Steven Ackerman
Jo Radner
Susan Roach
Jan Rosenberg
Howard and Judy Sacks
Aimeé Schmidt
Daniel Sheehy
Laurie Sommers
Polly Stewart *
Raymond Summerville
Elaine Thatcher
Elizabeth Tucker
Jessica A. Turner
Kay Turner
Patricia A. Turner
Carolyn E. Ware
Sabra J. Webber
Marta A. Weigle *
Roger Welsch
Jerome Wenker
William Westerman
Anna Lomax Wood
Margaret R. Yocom
Steve Zeitlin
Charles (Terry) Zug
Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt and Isaac Jack Lévy *

* deceased

AFS welcomes gifts and pledges from anyone and in any amount—your participation is what is important. To make a present gift to the Society’s Endowment Fund, follow this link. To discuss making a future pledge to the Society’s Endowment Fund, please contact executive director Jessica Turner at [email protected] or 812.856.2346.