Claude Stephenson (1952-2023)

In Memoriam
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Photo courtesy of New Mexico Music Commission:

Former New Mexico state folklorist, DJ, musician, and radio host, Claude Stephenson, died from natural causes on August 29, 2023. He was surrounded by is family and loved ones.

Claude was the New Mexico State Folklorist and Folk Arts Coordinator at New Mexico Arts from 1991 to 2014. He obtained his Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of New Mexico in 2001 and wrote his dissertation on the music of Matachines dance groups of New Mexico. He produced the live radio programs Only the Radio (1979-1983) and the Live Variety Show (1989-1991) at KUNM-FM in Albuquerque promoting New Mexican musicians and has been a KUNM DJ producing Folk Music USA and Folk Routes since 1983.

Stephenson launched the Publore listserv in November of 1996.

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