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Elaine J. Lawless Travel Award

The Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section of AFS awards a travel stipend in honor of distinguished folklorist, religious folklife scholar, and professor, Elaine J. Lawless, of up to $500 to be awarded to a graduate student to participate in the Society’s annual meeting. The purpose of the prize is to stimulate new work in religious folklife. Applicants are encouraged to join AFS and must be members of the Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section of AFS; annual dues are $10. Application is open to international and domestic graduate students, both MA/MS and PhD level. The award money will be released to the recipient after the annual meeting to assure participation. Awarded once every three years.

Deadline: March 1 (of select years) by midnight. The awardee will be notified prior to the AFS presentation proposal deadline (March 31).

The award is contingent on the applicant’s proposal being accepted for participation in the AFS meeting. The awardee and the Folk Belief and Religious Folklife Section members will be notified after AFS proposal reviews are complete, usually by June 15.

The graduate student recipient may receive this award one time only.

To be considered for the award, applicants must submit the following:

o  A copy of the long and short abstracts that you will be submitting for AFS meeting evaluation/selection. 

o  A brief curriculum vitae, resume, or biography of your professional life.

o  A letter detailing your specific reasons for wanting to present on religious folklife at the AFS annual meeting AND the impact you expect the meeting will have on your work.

o  A letter from a faculty member of your academic department in support of your application.

o  Your estimated travel expenses and the amount requested.

Please submit applications by email only to chair Margaret Kruesi, PhD, [email protected], and include the Subject Line: Elaine J. Lawless Graduate Student Travel Award.

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