Louisiana Arts Summit: The Arts Role in Climate Migration and Welcoming Newcomers

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The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, in partnership with the Louisiana Division of the Arts, is hosting the Louisiana Arts Summit (LAS). The three-day event offers artists, arts organizations, educators, business leaders, and community members opportunities for discussion, networking, and professional development. The conference features workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions covering several cornerstone themes including but not limited to cultural sustainability, economic development and the arts, long term financial planning, disaster planning, branding and promotion, equity and accessibility, and arts education. This year’s summit takes place at the Cary Saurage Community Arts Center in Baton Rouge October, 4-6 2023.

Maida Owens will present The Arts Role in Climate Migration and Welcoming Newcomers, a two-part workshop that explores the arts role in dealing with the disruptions in our communities due to environmental changes and cultural strategies that communities can use to welcome newcomers and foster a sense of place for both long-term residents and newcomers. It prepares artists and arts administrators to talk to both policy makers/planners and community members and gives concrete strategies to face changes and give a sense of direction.

Part 1 introduces climate adaptation with a special focus on climate migration within the United States. This workshop challenges you to start thinking like a future ancestor and asks: What will future generations wish we had done? The workshop will cover climate mitigation and adaptation, environmental economic and political changes predicted by 2030, migration and relocation issues including level of risk, economics, demographics and cultural issues. Part One is via zoom on Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 1 pm. Register for the virtual event.

Part 2 explores cultural strategies to welcome newcomers using resources from immigration, arts, and folklore scholarship in addition to efforts by the Bayou Culture Collaborative (BCC) to bring culture into the community resilience conversation. BCC offers monthly online gatherings and working groups to facilitate communication about issues and develop strategies to address them that are free and open to all. Part 2 is in-person at the Arts Summit on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 2:45 pm. Register for the in-person event.

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