Nic Hartmann Advocates for Safe Shelter in Community-Based Organization

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A Cedar Rapids Gazette profiles how folklorist Nic Hartmann acts as a safe shelter advocate in his new job as executive director of Family Promise of Linn County, a nonprofit that supports local families in need of housing and food assistance.

Hartmann noted that his training as a folklorist has helped him in this work: “I’ve worked in nonprofits for several years, and have always had a desire to work on the ground with people in need, but when the derecho hit in August 2020 that desire became a reality.”

Hartmann trained as a folklorist, a profession that focuses on the study of creativity in everyday life, and he spent many years working in museum education and outreach. That led to his joining Family Promise part time as development director. Within a few months he was working for the organization full time and transitioned into the role of executive director in July of this year.

To learn more about Hartmann’s work, visit The Gazette‘s website.

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