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The African American Folklorist is a quarterly cultural news magazine that contains articles about traditions, traditional beliefs, the cultural context, geographical locations, music, and vernaculars of African Americans and the role each element plays in the lives of the people past and present.

The publication include interviews with and articles from musicians, historians, ethnographers, Community Scholars, and academics who specialize in and are enthusiastic about the Black Experience in America. AAF includes a variety of perspectives on the black experience and seeks to educate and share perspectives with people of all colors. Founder, owner, and Editor in Chief Lamont Jack Pearley says, “We aim to put the story of the blues people in the proper context told by blues people. We appreciate the works done in the past, we are only making sure our story isn’t determined by others!” AAF is also proud to incorporate youth and early folklorists that show interest in studying, researching, and preserving African American heritage through the Emerging Folklorist  section, which publishes articles, podcasts, and research papers from young people aged 10-24.

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