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Convener Resources

General Guidance

See Important Information for AFS Section Conveners for a detailed description of the convener’s role and responsibilities.

News and Outreach

Do you have news? Share it in AFS channels first. Once it is published in AFS News, feel free to share it in other channels. Submit your news to [email protected].

Section Business Meetings

Note: Due to the pandemic, in 2020 and 2021, sections had to conduct their business meetings virtually, using a Zoom meeting created by AFS; many sections preferred the virtual option for accessibility in 2022 and virtual business meetings remain an option in 2023. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

The deadline for submitting a request to hold an in-person business meeting in Portland is March 31.

See How to Run a Virtual Business Meeting.

Section Prizes

Annual Reports

Use this annual report form to submit your section annual report by December 31.


Communications are covered in detail in Important Information for AFS Section Conveners.

To send a message to your section members, send it to [email protected] or submit the form Email Your Section for timely distribution.

If you make graphics to publicize your section’s events, please consult the AFS Visual Brand Guidelines and send your graphic to AFS staff at [email protected] before you distribute so we can coordinate our distribution with yours.


Questions? New initiatives? Contact AFS staff first! Contact our team at [email protected]