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Section Annual Report Form

AFS Section Annual Reports

Use this form to submit section annual reports by December 31.
Names, affiliations and email addresses of the convener(s) for 2021
Names, affiliations and email addresses of the convener(s) for 2022

How do you communicate with your section?

How does the convener communicate with section members? How do section members communicate with each other? List all communication channels in use by convenors or section members. For each: 1) provide the address/url or instructions for locating it; 2) describe who uses it, how many use it, and how they use it; 2) name everyone who has administrative access

What did your section do this year?

Did your section have a business meeting this year? If so, on what date? How many attended?
For each, please estimate the number of members who participated. Please also specify which activities required section funding.

Future Plans

Describe your plans for the coming year. Specify which will require section funding.

Publishable report

We may publish your report in the AFS Annual Report or the AFS newsletter. Please provide the text you would like us to use to represent your activities; your report should summarize the points above concerning communication channels and recent activities. The emphasis should be on specific achievements of the past year rather than plans in development.

Is your section page up to date?

See https://americanfolkloresociety.org/our-community/sections/