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Richard Reuss Prize

The Richard Reuss Prize for Students of Folklore and History is a biennial prize awarded by the History and Folklore Section that honors Richard Reuss (1940-1986), founding editor of The Folklore Historian and a leading chronicler of folklore studies. The prize of $100 will be awarded to a student paper on a subject dealing with historical approaches to the study of folklore or the history of folklore studies and not submitted for publication. The winner of the prize will have his or her paper submitted for publication in The Folklore Historian. Submissions should be made electronically in Word and sent to [email protected].The award competition is announced in odd-numbered years. The future deadline is to be announced.

Applications due: TBA

  • The 2017 recipient of the Reuss Prize was Mary Sellers (The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg) for her essay, “A Revolutionary, Urban Legend: Charlotte Temple.”
  • The 2009 recipient of the Reuss Prize was Trevor Blank (The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg) for his essay “The History of the Hoosier Folklore Society, 1937-2007” (see Folklore Historian 25, pp. 23-44).
  • The 2007 recipient of the Reuss Prize was Sarah Lash (Indiana University, Bloomington) for her essay “Tilting the Ivory Tower: The Life, Works, and Legacy of Gershon Legman.” Honorable mention went to Jeana Jorgensen (Indiana University, Bloomington) for her essay, “Why We Need Another feminist Folklore Retrospective: Political and Theoretical Feminisms in Folkloristics.”

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