Strategy: Writing Letters to the Editor

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Writing to your local newspaper can be an effective way to draw attention to a local issue. Letters to the editor are shown to be among the most-read sections of a newspaper, and are often read by government officials to get a “pulse” on public sentiment in an area.

When writing to a newspaper, keep in mind the average length of letters published in that outlet. Many prefer short letters (around 100 words) which respond to recently-published news articles or other editorials.

Although relatively small, these letters can make a big impact­ especially when paired with good storytelling. Including your personal experiences, interests, and ideas can help personalize the letter. Identify any clear solutions or actions to be taken in response to the issue at hand.

Keep in mind that, as with any publication, some newspapers receive many more submissions than they are able to publish. If your letter isn’t accepted, feel free to adapt it for another publication or platform. Letters to the editor can make great inspiration for personal or community blog posts.

Tips On Writing Letters to the Editor

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