The Progressive Magazine Spotlights “A Network of Hope” Built by Milwaukee Field School

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures Field School, led by Arijit Sen, is featured in “Learning to Listen: How a university project to document Milwaukee neighborhood stories has created a ‘network of hope'” in The Progressive Magazine.

Since 2012, Sen and his students have collaborated with local residents and leaders to offer a five-week summer course that documents the importance of people, places, and histories in some of Milwaukee’s most underserved neighborhoods. The program’s methods of “immersive learning” and “deep listening” provide a model for reinventing higher education as a collaborative, community-based effort, imagining a more equitable and sustainable future, and creating a ripple effect of “civic consciousness” that reaches beyond the students who are enrolled.

“Equity, diversity, respect, and inclusion demand from us to expand beyond ourselves,” he told the gathering. “To learn to move beyond feel-good altruism toward a gritty, slow progress toward a cause. That cause is one of fellowship and belonging.”

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