AFS African American Folklore Section Hosts Livestream with Notable Folklorists of Color Creators

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On March 16, 2023 Todd Lawrence, Maria Lewis, and Lamont Pearley hosted a livestream event offered by the AFS African American Folklore Section, the African American Folklorist, and Jack Dappa Blues featuring Notable Folklorists of Color creators and curators, Phyllis May-Machunda, Sojin Kim, and Olivia Cadaval.

Notable Folklorists of Color is a website that features profiles of BIPOC ancestor scholars of color and their contributions to folklore studies. The 2019 exhibition, Notable Folklorists of Color: Remembering Our Ancestral Legacies, marked the 25th anniversary of AFS’s Cultural Diversity Committee by honoring 25 BIPOC ancestors, and the 2022 Notable Folklorists of Color: Expanding the Frames exhibition highlights the scholarship of approximately another 135 African American, Indigenous, Latino and Hispano, Asian American and Native Hawaiian ancestor scholars. Combined, the two exhibitions feature more than 160 BIPOC folklore ancestors.

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The Notable Folklorists of Color team at the 2022 AFS Annual Meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The recording of the event can be viewed on Youtube accounts for Jack Dappa Blues Radio TV and the African American Folklorist.

The African American Section also issued the call for the John Wesley Work III Award, which honors and spotlights applied folklorists, ethnographers, and ethnomusicologists who actively focus on the research, documentation, recording, and highlighting of African American culture through performance, written word, and music in their scholarly works. View John Wesley Work III’s panel in the Notable Folklorists of Color exhibition.

Notable Folklorists of Color is a project of the AFS Cultural Diversity Committee that is also supported by the AFS Fellows.

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