Ceallaigh (“Kelly”) S. MacCath-Moran is a PhD candidate in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Ceallaigh’s dissertation explores animal rights activism as a public performance of ethical belief through ethnographic interviews of activists and participant observation of animal rights demonstrations. Her passion for sharing folkloristics with scholars, storytellers, and the general public has found outlets in several digital media. 

The Executive Board of the American Folklore Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Rossina Zamora Liu has agreed to serve on the Board 2022-24. She brings wide-ranging experience in teaching, research, and community-based projects, as well as particular expertise in Asian American and Vietnamese American community truths and knowledge-making through storytelling and stories.

In awarding the 2021 Kenneth Goldstein Award for Lifetime Academic Leadership to Dorothy Noyes at its Annual Meeting last October, the American Folklore Society celebrated her outstanding achievements in advancing the work of students and colleagues, of the Center for Folklore Studies at The Ohio State University, of the American Folklore Society, and of the field as a whole.

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