Acadian Brown Cotton: The Fabric of Acadiana Exhibition at Hilliard Art Museum

Folklore Works

Hilliard Art Museum is hosting a landmark exhibition that celebrates and commemorates a vibrant 250 year tradition with the exhibition, Acadian Brown Cotton: The Fabric of Acadiana. This exhibition is the most comprehensive project to date dedicated to the cultural traditions associated with the farming and weaving of brown cotton in Acadiana. 

Virtual patrons can investigate the genealogy, historic maps, photographs, furniture, tools, and brown cotton textiles, and learn about the historical significance and cultural impact of the Acadian brown cotton tradition. Video components are also available to experience the story of brown cotton seed in both English and French, take a guided tour with the exhibition curator, experience the process by which Acadian brown cotton textiles were created, and enjoy the traditions continued vitality and relevancy. 
Elaine Larcade Bourque, Austin Clark, Leah Graeff, Ben Koch, Lena Kolb, LaChaun Moore, and Francis Pavy are artists whose work is on view. Funding for the exhibition comes from Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit their website to learn more about Acadian Brown Cotton.

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