AFS Welcomes New Executive Board Members and President-Elect

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The following AFS members were elected to office in the balloting that ended December 31:

Marilyn White (Kean University, retired)
(President-Elect in 2021, as President in 2022-2023, and as Past President in 2024)

Executive Board (2021–2023):
Mintzi Martinez-Rivera (Providence College)
Fernando Orejuela (Indiana University)
Langston Collin Wilkins (Center for Washington Cultural Traditions)

Nominating Committee (2021–2023):
Sarah Gordon (Memorial University Newfoundland) 

As usual, about a third of AFS members voted in this year’s election. We want to extend the gratitude of the entire Executive Board and staff to all of the 2020 candidates, who deserve thanks for their willingness to serve the Society and field, and for their energetic participation in the nomination and election process. The same appreciation is due to the members of the 2020 Nominating Committee—and in particular to departing Committee chair Rachel Gonzalez-Martin—for their work to assemble this slate of excellent candidates, and to all our 2020 candidates for their willingness to serve the Society and field. Our thanks also go to departing Executive Board members Michael Dylan Foster, Patricia Sawin, and Debra Lattanzi Shutika, and to our Past President Dorothy Noyes. We appreciate your service and look forward to continuing to work alongside you for the benefit of our Society. Incoming Nominating Committee chair Lisa Rathje, along with Committee members Anika Wilson and and Sarah Gordon, will be taking up the 2021 nominating process—which will elect three Board members and a member of the Nominating Committee—later this spring.

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