Anna Lomax Wood Retired from Association for Cultural Equity

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Anna Lomax Wood has stepped down from her role as president of the board of the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) after 26 years at the organization. 

Started in 1983 by Alan Lomax as a custodian of the Alan Lomax Archive of traditional music, ACE’s mission has been to facilitate cultural equity through preservation, publication, and repatriation of its materials.

In a letter to the field, Wood wrote, “I feel it is our first and urgent duty to connect such resources with the people from whom they came—people who have lost or are losing their languages, stories, songs and dances, whose core traditions, skills and expressive arts are behaviorally and orally transmitted, whose values, beliefs, expectations, approaches to child rearing and socialization, behavioral norms and etiquette, patterns of interaction and social organization, are lived, not codified and not necessarily articulated… For sure, the issues and solutions need to be defined, not by academics and foundations, but by the people most concerned.”
ACE is currently seeking a new executive director. Learn more here.

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