Apply to Chair a Hybrid Session in Portland

2023 AFS Annual Meeting Hybrid Session Application

AFS is planning for a very limited track of hybrid sessions at the in-person meeting in Portland. By "hybrid," we mean an in-person paper session or forum that has at least one remote participant and thus two audiences: those watching the session in the physical room and those participating in or watching the session remotely through Zoom.

1. Given the limited number of hybrid time slots, the Review Committee will be quite selective when considering applications for hybrid sessions. If you wish to be considered for hybrid, look for the tick box to indicate your interest in hybrid mode when you submit your session proposal, and fill out this form to provide more information about your plans.

2. Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate that hybrid mode will benefit both virtual and in-person audiences, and articulate a deliberate and convincing plan facilitating interaction among all participants and managing the technology to support that interaction.

3. Notify AFS immediately if any of your panelists’ plans change. Bear in mind that AFS will not be able to switch hybrid panels to be fully virtual after the point of scheduling. Moreover, the AV setup must be customized to support hybrid access, so hybrid panels will be expected to proceed in a hybrid mode even if all participants attend the meeting in person.


The chair must attend the meeting in person in Portland (Nov. 2-4).


Hybrid Experience

Tell us more about your experience and strategies leading hybrid events using Zoom software.
How many times have you been the primary person responsible for leading and facilitating a hybrid event?(Required)
By "leading and facilitating," we mean planning beforehand, emceeing during the event, providing basic technical support for users (helping them connect, mute/unmute, find the chat, etc.), and involving both virtual and in-person participants in a cohesive dialogue.
Chairs of hybrid sessions should be comfortable and experienced with the basic technological operations and controls in Zoom, but they will not be expected to run the session alone. AFS staff and volunteers and the conference hotel will provide some technical support as needed for accepted hybrid sessions.