Bambi: Read the Classic Anew with Jack Zipes’ Translation and Introduction

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A new, beautifully illustrated translation of Felix Salten’s celebrated novel Bambi: The Story of a Life in the Forest is now available from Princeton University Press. This new edition is translated and introduced by acclaimed folklorist Jack Zipes, with illustrations by Alenka Sottler.


From the press page:

Most of us think we know the story of Bambibut do we? The Original Bambi is an all-new, illustrated translation of a literary classic that presents the story as it was meant to be told. For decades, readers’ images of Bambi have been shaped by the 1942 Walt Disney film—an idealized look at a fawn who represents nature’s innocence—which was based on a 1928 English translation of a novel by the Austrian Jewish writer Felix Salten. This masterful new translation gives contemporary readers a fresh perspective on this moving allegorical tale and provides important details about its creator.

Learn more at Princeton University Press.

For more classic tales reexamined in contemporary times, check out the Princeton University Press series Oddly Modern Fairy Tales, edited by Jack Zipes and dedicated to publishing unusual literary fairy tales produced mainly during the first half of the twentieth century. International in scope, the series includes new translations, surprising and unexpected tales by well-known writers and artists, and uncanny stories by gifted yet neglected authors. Learn more here.

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