CFP: Identity, Ideas and History – Symbolizing and Preserving Intangible Heritage

Calls for Submissions
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The Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) conference at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK invites submissions for its conference on June 15-17, 2022. Abstracts for the initial round are due on November 30, 2021.

Whether it be the politics of nationalism, the philosophy of logic or the shared identity of communities, people have continually attempted to symbolize beliefs and ideas through buildings, cities, films, art, sculpture and a plethora of other artifacts. These ‘material’ manifestations of the ‘intangible’ are evident through history and are preserved as such through a multitude of heritage agendas and projects today.

The conference will engage with this scenario, and the organizers welcome papers from diverse fields engaged in history and heritage: cultural, intellectual, political, art and architectural. Several strands will be dedicated to the influence of digital tools. 

The conference keynote picks up on these themes, with the internationally recognized Robert Stern Architects presenting a project that ‘digitally reconstructs’ John Soane’s built symbol of British Empire, finance and commerce, the now lost ‘Bank of England. 

Delegates are invited to contribute papers from their particular area of expertise for inclusion in the conference and publication in one of the associated publications with Intellect Books, UCL Press and Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

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