CFP: Special Issue of Global Perspectives, ‘Moralizing Political Economy’

Calls for Submissions

A special issue of the journal Global Perspectives aims to advance debates about the moral economy by considering key issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives and in different geographical contexts. Papers will cover all periods. Submissions are due by April 22, 2022.

Questions addressed by the special issue will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How do debates around private and common ownership draw on a framework of moral principles?
  • To what extent have past efforts aimed at promoting environmental justice, tackling inequalities, and ensuring intergenerational responsibility relied on appeals to moral sensibility?
  • How far has morality been shaped by imperial encounters?
  • To what extent have anti-colonial movements relied on appeals to moral economy to further their objectives?
  • To what extent are developmental discourses predicated on moralizing frameworks?
  • In what ways do debt, credit, and money create particular varieties of moralized subjects?
  • How have social movements and campaigns been animated by concepts of economic justice?
  • What values, ideas, and institutions shape the economic behavior of individuals and groups?
  • Do different religious cultures lead to diverse social and economic outcomes?
  • How has capitalism been presented as a moral project?
  • To what extent do policymakers utilize the concept of morality in their work?

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