The Hive is the mentorship program of the Folk Arts Partnership Professional Development Institute (FAP PDI).

We’re calling the new mentorship program structure The Hive because it will be a space where folks will gather in various configurations to engage in professional mentorship work. The Hive consists of mentorship dyads and triads (dyads are traditional mentor/mentee relationships, whereas triads are nonhierarchical peer mentorship groups) and Issue Pods (which are facilitated discussions about topics of interest identified throughout our conversations and surveys this year). The three Issue Pods for this year are:

  1. Brood: Program Administration, facilitated by Cassie Rosita Patterson
  2. Queen: Sustaining Organizations and Individuals, facilitated by Sonia Mañjon
  3. Pollen: Innovation, Inclusion, and Cross-Sectoral Partnerships, facilitated by Jessica Turner

Watch the 2023 Hive onboarding session.