Joyce Marie Jackson Honored by Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

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Dr. Joyce Marie Jackson has been honored for Lifetime Contributions to the Humanities by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. According to the LEH website, the award “recognizes those who have supported and been involved in public appreciation of issues central to the humanities.”

As noted in the LEH release, Jackson is the chair and James J. Parsons Endowed Professor of the department of geography and anthropology at Louisiana State University. She served as the university’s director of African and African American studies, 2010-2016. Over the course of her career as a folklorist and ethnomusicologist, she has contributed numerous articles, essays, chapters, and other forms of media that further the understanding of African American culture and music, sacred and secular rituals in Africa and the diaspora and more. She is the author of Life in the Village: A Cultural Memory of the Fazendeville Community (US Department of the Interior, 2003).

More information about the award and Dr. Jackson’s accomplishments can be found on the LEH website.

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