Music Research Annual: New Open Access Journal Published by MMaP Research Centre at Memorial University

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The Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media, and Place (MMaP) at Memorial University is delighted to announce the launch of its new journal, Music Research Annual.

Edited by Harris M. Berger and Jocelyne Guilbault, MRA is the first peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to publishing review essays from the full range of academic disciplines that study music. Each article explores the current state of scholarship on a key topic within a discipline or interdisciplinary juncture and charts ways forward to new research. Led by a group of renowned scholars, the journal seeks to forward academic inquiry into music and foster interdisciplinary dialog.

Volume 1 includes articles by Martin Stokes on music and migration; Robin James on music and feminism; Stephen Davies on the ontology of musical works; Blake Howe on music and disability studies; and Hollis Taylor on zoömusicology.

New articles are published on the journal’s website throughout the year.

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