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The journal Narrative Culture (H-Index: 4) is looking for new editors. The journal claims narration as a
broad and pervasive human practice, warranting a holistic perspective to grasp its place
comparatively across time and space.

Inviting contributions that document, discuss, and theorize
narrative culture, the journal seeks to offer a platform that integrates approaches spread across
numerous disciplines. The field of narrative culture thus outlined is defined by a large variety of
forms of popular narratives, including not only oral and written texts, but also narratives in images,
three-dimensional art, customs, rituals, drama, dance, music, and so forth.

The journal was founded by Ulrich Marzolph (Kitzingen, Germany) and Regina F. Bendix (Göttingen,
Germany) in cooperation with Wayne State University Press. Three years ago, Francisco Vaz da Silva
(Lisbon, Portugal) joined the editorial team. The editors have found strong and important support
from peer reviewers for this double-blind reviewed journal. Wayne State University Press, specialized
in the field of folk narrative research and beyond, provides excellent support in copyediting and
processing the issues into publication as well as keeping the editors appraised of subscriptions and

In addition to full print and online subscriptions, the articles can be purchased
individually on both JSTOR and Project MUSE. Thus the journal is a convenient resource for teaching
in the realm of narrative research. The first issue of Narrative Culture appeared in 2014 and over the
course of time, the journal has garnered attention among scholars of narrative research in an
interdisciplinary range of fields, from folkloristics to literature studies, anthropology, history,
children’s literature and so forth. Currently, we are in the happy position of having a backlog of
contributions ready to publish. As editors, we have sought to publish scholarly contributions from
around the globe, and we are happy that the top countries reading Narrative Culture consistently
include—besides North America and Europe—China and India, Australia and New Zealand. We see
this widespread readership as evidence of the success of our mission to promote a globalized
scholarly discourse and exchange.

Along with this international orientation, the journal is also affiliated with the International Society
for Folk Narrative Research. One article per year, chosen by the editors, is made available to ISFNR
members free of charge.

Having worked on the journal for a considerable amount of time, the editors would like to
successively segue out of the editorial responsibility, and pass the venture on to a team of 2-3 new
editors. In order to ensure a smooth passage, at least two editors would stay on for one or more issues.

The editors hope to have the journal in new hands at the latest with volume 11 (2024). Individuals or pairs of scholars interested in taking on this journal should have a well-established
interest in “narrative culture” in the broad sense represented by Narrative Culture. The present
editors have done this as a labor of love without institutional support but applicants may certainly
attempt to have their institutions support the editorial task with course release or other forms of

Applications should contain a letter outlining the nature of interest in the editorship and possibly
prior editorial experience, as well as a CV and publication list. They should be addressed to the
present editorial team, Ulrich Marzolph ([email protected]), Regina Bendix ([email protected]), and Francisco Vaz da Silva ([email protected]).

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