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Folklore and Literature

The Folklore and Literature Section of the American Folklore Society is dedicated to the advancement of the study of folklore and literature. Together with the Folklore and Literature discussion group of the Modern Language Association, the Folklore and Literature Section meets annually at the AFS annual meeting to plan forum discussion and paper presentation sessions. We promote each other in this field of scholarly work and encourage the participation of new members. Dues for membership in this section are $10 annually.

To encourage exploration of folklore and literature theory, the Folklore and Literature Section sponsors annual paper panel and forum sessions at the annual American Folklore Society meeting. At the section meeting and during these panel and forum sessions, we discuss developments in folklore and literature and further investigate the relationship between the two fields. Our meetings provide an opportunity for the discussion of our work as folklorists and literary scholars. We are continually working to build a community of American Folklore Society members actively engaged in folklore and literature method and theory. Our joint meeting with the AFS@MLA section works to that end and fosters the exchange of ideas and resources among scholars working in both fields.

Section Conveners are Brittany Warman and Victoria Harkavy.

Contact the section conveners at [email protected].

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