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Folklore and Oral History

The AFS Folklore and Oral History Section was created in 2000. The section welcomes anyone interested in oral history and folklore and invites you to attend the section meetings held annually at the AFS annual meeting, and to take part in our listserv. There are no dues for membership in this section.

The AFS Folklore and Oral History Section seeks to:

  • foster discussion of oral history methodology and theory at the annual AFS meeting (specifically, to sponsor an annual session addressing some aspect of oral history and folklore)
  • discuss methodological and theoretical developments in oral history and folklore and to explore the relationship between the two fields
  • provide a forum for discussion of mutual interests and concerns of folklorists and oral historians
  • build a solid constituency of AFS members actively engaged in the use of oral history method and theory
  • inform oral historians about folklore methods and theory that might assist them in their work
  • improve communication between AFS and Oral History Association members with a shared interest in oral history and folklife
  • encourage exchange of ideas and resources among members of both organizations
  • promote the research and the creation of public programs (including broadcast quality media) involving collaboration between folklorists and oral historians

The convener of this section is Dana M. Ernst.

Contact the section conveners at [email protected].

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