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Mediterranean Studies

The Mediterranean Studies Section of the American Folklore Society is an organization committed to fostering research on the expressive culture of Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The group encourages interdisciplinary research and conceptualizes the notion of the Mediterranean broadly, including both the societies situated on the Mediterranean rim as well as the immigrant and ethnic populations of Mediterranean peoples worldwide. AFSMSS maintains an electronic discussion list and invites members to post queries and information on upcoming conferences, special archival collections, useful databases, and other educational resources. In keeping with the mandate of the American Folklore Society, this section aims to build a larger constituency by forging links between local and international organizations and providing people of diverse backgrounds with a forum for discussing the current state and future directions of Mediterranean studies.

The section introduced the Fernand Braudel Mediterranean Folklore Graduate Student Prize in 2022.

Visit the Folklore Commons for a roster of scholars of Mediterranean cultures and folklore.

Membership in AFSMSS is open to members of the American Folklore Society and all those interested in the scholarly study of Mediterranean folklore.

For more information about the section, including how to contact the current section convener, please join the online section free of charge and visit the private section page.  To join the section listserv, please contact the section convener.

The conveners of this section are Sara Bell and Anna Wood.

Contact the section conveners at [email protected].

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