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Jonathan T.Y. Yeh Award

The Jonathan T.Y. Yeh Award for Student Scholarship in Asian and Asian American Folklore was presented by the Transnational Asia/Pacific section, with the generous sponsorship of Dr. Nora Yeh, from 2010 to 2017. The award aimed to foster and promote graduate and undergraduate students in the early stages of their careers, encourage advanced scholarly research and publication on Asian and/or Asian American folklore subjects, and support AFS members who wanted to participate more actively in the Society. Each year that the prize was awarded, the recipient presented his or her research to section members during the Transnational Asia/Pacific meeting at the AFS annual conference.

Information on past award recipients can be found below. For information on the current prize offered by the Transnational Asia/Pacific section, please see the Saboohi I. Khan Award.



Shakthi Nataraj, University of California, Berkeley
“Legal ‘lore’: The co-constitution of legend and law in colonial contemporary India”


Eric C├ęsar Morales, Indiana University
“Negotiating Gender on the Stage: Trans Identities in Tahitian Dance.”

Kati Fitzferald, Ohio State University
“Nangsa Ohbum and Lama Shakya Gyaltsen as Manifestations of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi.”

Semontee Mitra, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg
“Worship of the Goddess Durga: An Ethnographic Study of Hindu Religious Festivals in the United States.”

No recipient

Suzanne Barber, Indiana University
“Shaoshan: A Return to Mao, A Return to Home.”

Yuanhao Zhao, Ohio State University
“In the Margins: Folk Belief, Huizus, and the ‘Pork Thing’ in China.”

Eric Waite, Iowa State University
‘”Tenrikyo: Amalgam of Kansai Religion.'”