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Jewish Cultural Studies

The AFS Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Section cooperates with the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization (Oxford, England, and Portland, Oregon) to publish the Jewish Cultural Studies book series. Each volume is devoted to a theme and contains essays from different authors. Previous themes have included “Jewishness,” “Jews at Home,” “Revisioning Ritual,” “Framing Jewish Culture,” “Mothers in the Jewish Cultural Imagination,” and “Connected Jews.” In documenting and interpreting the diverse ways in which Jews express themselves as Jews—in custom, festival, narrative, art, architecture, music, dance, dress, performance, language, and food—the series contributes to a greater understanding of the dimensions of Jewish identity as perceived by Jews and non-Jews.

For information about the Jewish Cultural Studies series, please contact series editor Simon J. Bronner of Pennsylvania State University.

Most recent issue: Mothers in the Jewish Cultural Imagination, vol. 5 in the Jewish Cultural Studies series.Newest issue forthcoming December 2018: Connected Jews: Expressions of Community in Analogue and Digital Culture, vol. 6 in the Jewish Cultural Studies series.

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