Roger L. Janelli, 1943–2021

In Memoriam

Folklorist and Indiana University Professor Roger L. Janelli passed away on January 19, 2021 in Korea. Dr. Janelli was a faculty member at Indiana University for 32 years in the Departments of Folklore and East Asian Languages and Cultures. He was a beloved and valued member of our community and we are saddened by this loss.

Read an obituary from #AsiaNow.

1/29/2021 Update: Drs. Hilary Finchum-Sung and Kyoim Yun wrote a tribute to Dr. Roger Janelli for the Association for Asian Studies.


Jeanne Harrah Johnson says…
Posted Monday, January 25, 2021Roger Janelli was one of, if not THE most insightful and precise teachers from whom I took classes. He knew himself, his research areas, and his students. It is with great sadness to know this light is gone.
Xiaohong Chen says…
Posted Friday, January 22, 2021Roger Janelli was a great professor and a generous person. I was in his class “Producing East Asian Ethnography,” which was one of the best classes I had attended at Indiana University. When he retired, he donated his collection of folklore and East Asian books to the IU community. He will be missed.
Timothy R. Tangherlini says…
Posted Thursday, January 21, 2021Roger will be sorely missed both in Korean Studies and Folklore; a great friend, colleague and mentor.
Robert E. Walls says…
Posted Thursday, January 21, 2021Roger was a wonderful person. He was kind, generous, with a great sense of humor. He was also an exemplary teacher, thorough with his lectures, and patient in his manner of handling classroom discussions. He certainly influenced the ways I would later interact with my own students, in and out of class. His scholarship was also inspiring. I will miss him.
Saul Broudy says…
Posted Thursday, January 21, 2021I remember Roger well from when we were both students at Penn folklore. His presence remained after he left Penn in the form of all the rural Korean artifacts he left on our archive shelves. RIP.

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