AboutExecutive Board

Rossina Zamora Liu

Rossina Zamora Liu is Assistant Professor in Urban Education and division coordinator of Education Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland. As a 1.5-generation, multi-ethnic Asian American and a non-Black Critical Race educator, she has worked with artists, film-makers, and b-boys on community-based projects; first-generation college student-athletes; middle/high-school students in urban/rural communities, and veterans at homeless shelters, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and community settings. Her research focuses on interrogating systems of white supremacy and anti-blackness in education, counter-storytelling, and cross-racial solidarity and coalition building. She is co-author of a forthcoming book Systems of White Supremacy and White Privilege: A Racial-Spatial Framework for Psychology (Oxford University Press) and a guest co-editor of two journal special issues: “Anti-Blackness in English Curriculum, Practice, and Culture” in English Teaching: Practice & Critique (fall 2021), and “Race(ing) towards Futurity: Black and Latinx Youths’ Multimodal Compositions of Future Selves and Literacies” in International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (forthcoming/fall 2022). She has an MFA from the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program and a PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture, both from the University of Iowa.