Members of the 2017 Executive Board met at the Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A group of a dozen people smile at the camera.

Every year, members of the American Folklore Society vote to select three new Executive Board members and one Nominating Committee member. In alternating years, we vote for a new President. The slate of candidates is assembled by the Nominating Committee, and reviewed by AFS members.

Our bylaws set forth the purpose of the American Folklore Society and contain basic stipulations about our organization and operations, including elections. The Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership.

A woman stands, smiling at the camera, dressed in white and draped in a bright green scarf.

President 2019-2021

Norma E. Cantú

Norma is the Norine R. and T. Frank Murchison Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Trinity University, a prolific creative writer and poet, and promoter of community-based folklore programs.  

President-Elect 2021

Marilyn White

Marilyn is a retired professor of anthropology at Kean University, where she taught 1985-2011. Her research centers on African American and family folklore, stratification, and jokes. She has conducted long-term research in Little Cayman.

Luisa Del Giudice

Executive Board 2019-2021

Luisa is an independent scholar who has worked in the academy and the public sector. Her research interests include Italian, Italian American, and Canadian folklife and oral history, and she is the founder of the Italian Oral History Institute.

Tom Mould

Executive Board 2019-2021

Tom is a professor of anthropology at Butler University. His research centers on American Indian studies, language and culture, religious and sacred narrative, and contemporary legend, among others.

Emily Socolov

Executive Board 2019-2021

Emily is currently a visiting scholar at the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include cultural imaginaries, social justice, and life histories.

Fariha I. Khan

Executive Board 2019-2021

Fariha is the Associate Director of the Asian American Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. Her current research includes South Asian American Muslims, Pakistani American culture, and the Asian American community.

Amanda Dargan

Executive Board 2020-2022

Amanda is the Education Program Director for CityLore, a cultural heritage center based in New York City. Among her research interests are urban culture, occupational culture, family folklore, and folk arts in education.

Thomas A. Dubois

Executive Board 2020-2022

Thomas is a professor of Scandinavian folklore, folklore, and religious studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the chair of the German, Nordic and Slavic department. His research interests include tradition, Finnish, Sámi, and medieval Nordic cultures.

Ellen E. McHale

Executive Board 2020-2022

Ellen is the Executive Director of New York Folklore. Her research interests include occupational folklife and folklore, climate change, refugee and immigrant inclusion and adaptation, and the intersection of culture and the environment.

Mintzi Martinez-Rivera

Executive Board 2021-2023

Mintzi is an assistant professor at Providence College. Her research interests include youth culture, cultural continuity and transformation, performance of rituals and festivals, performance of indigenous identity, and vernacular cultural practices in the Americas.

Fernando Orejuela

Executive Board 2021-2023

Fernando is a senior lecturer of folklore and ethnomusicology at Indiana University. His research interests include hip hop music and culture, popular music, subculture studies, body art, and youth cultures among others.

Langston Collin Wilkins

Executive Board 2021-2023

Langston is Director of the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions, a program of Humanities Washington and the Washington State Arts Commission. His research interests include urban folklife, African American folklife, and hip hop culture.

Jessica Turner

Ex Officio

Jessica serves as the Executive Director of the American Folklore Society.  Her research interests include museum studies and ethnic minority performances and heritage tourism in Guangxi Province in southwestern China.