The American Folklore Society employs staff to manage the Society’s financial, programmatic, and other administrative functions and to implement its policies as determined by the Executive Board.

As Executive Director of the American Folklore Society, Jessica nurtures a broad network of folklorists working in universities, public institutions, and nonprofit organizations. A native of southwest Virginia, she's happiest in the mountains and spends her spare time gathering with family, friends, and food. She believes in the power of tradition, and a good biscuit, in bringing communities together.

As Annual Meeting and Programs Director, Roz has primary responsibility for AFS annual meeting planning and supports AFS Sections and other projects. Roz started working for AFS as a graduate assistant in 2017 and has worked almost continuously for the organization since then on a variety of projects, assuming her current role upon completing her PhD in 2021. Originally from Northwest Indiana, she loves the Dunes National Lakeshore and a good potluck in equal measure. When not absorbed by the AFS annual meeting or continuing her ethnographic research projects, Roz likes to cook, spend time with family, and throw the frisbee for her scruffy dog Oscar.

Garima, our AFS graduate assistant, is enrolled in the doctorate program of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University Bloomington and her editorial and research background provides an opportunity to engage with content and publication-related responsibilities. Garima will also assist AFS staff members in a wide variety of other projects.

As Special Projects Consultant, Cassie supports AFS communications and focuses on special projects, such as professional development and outreach activities. Cassie also serves as the Project Manager for the Folk Arts Partnership Professional Development Institute, which is a collaborative project between AFS and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and the National Endowment for the Arts. She served as Associate Director of the Center for Folklore Studies and Director of the Folklore Archives at Ohio State University from 2012-2021. Cassie is the founder and Executive Director of Southern Ohio Folklife, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2020 that supports, documents, and networks folklife in the region.

Maria is a community scholar/folklorist currently working part-time as Project Assistant. She will be working closely with Dr. Phyllis May-Machunda on the AFS Notable Folklorist of Color Exhibit that highlights scholars of color who significantly contributed to research in folklore studies. Maria currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky where she works full-time at Simmons College of Kentucky, Louisville’s one and only HBCU, as the Access Services Manager in the Library. Maria enjoys spending time with family, friends and being "Rere" to the children in her life.

Tim was AFS Executive Director from 2001-2018 and now serves on special projects and, from time to time, assists Jessica Turner in putting out the occasional fire. Tim was raised in Columbus, Ohio and Dallas, Texas and now resides back in Powell, Ohio. When he isn't battling nonprofit flame-ups, Tim enjoys working on his drum solos.