AFS Folklore and Museums Section Guide to the 2022 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting News
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The Folklore and Museums Section has prepared this guide to sessions and events at the 2022 AFS Annual Meeting. See the program on the online program for more information on the conference and details on individual papers and presentations.

This list was prepared by John F. Moe and Audun Kjus, Co-Conveners.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

1:30-3:00 Native American Collections and Community Connections, Philbrook Museum Tour

2:30 Greenwood Historical District Tour

Thursday, Oct. 13

01-13 Public Folklore, Historic Preservation, and Heritage Studies

02-03 The War in Ukraine, Nationalism and Folklore’s Future

2-07 Folklore and the Transformation of Museum Collection Practices

3-05 Festivals and Celebrations

3-11 Folklore and Educational Advocacy

Friday, Oct. 14

5-03 New Engagements with Museums and Monuments

Folklore and Museums Business Meeting

Saturday, Oct. 15

7-13 Native American Expressive Cultures

9-01 Perspectives on Material Culture

Greenwood Historical District Tour

Conference Book Exhibitions Online

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