AFS Women’s Section Guide to the 2022 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting News
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The AFS Women’s Section has prepared this guide to sessions and events at the 2022 AFS Annual Meeting. See the program on the online program for more information on the conference and details on individual papers and presentations.

Thursday, Oct. 13

01-05 Women, Belief, and Everyday Religious Experiences in Contemporary Multi-ethnic China

01-03 Song and Movement

02-12 Folklore and the Environment

Oklahoma Politics and Women’s Rights

  • Forum: 12:30–1:30 pm
  • Participants: Autumn Brown (Oklahoma Oral History Research Program), Sam Robertson, Rachel E. Watson (Citizen Potawatomi Nation)

03-08 On Becoming More Differentiated: Diversification of Craft Practices in Southwest China

03-04 Memes, Humor, and Identity

03-06 Aspirations for a Better Life

The Croning

  • 8:00–10:30pm
  • Sponsored by the Women’s Section

Friday, Oct. 14

Founding a Black-Centered Newspaper and Folk Reporters Program, a Brainstorming Session with Crystal Good

04-07 Dynamic Re-Centerings and Reconsiderations of Gender and Folklore

05-05 Media: Threads and Borders: Documenting the Textile Collections of Rural Women in Bulgaria

  • 10:30 am: Film: Chergi Weavers (28 min.)
  • Forum participants: Sarah Craycraft (The Ohio State University), Kathryn Mitchell (Independent), Sonya Pencheva (Independent), Elena Stoycheva (Independent)

05-08 Sounding Board I

05-14 Death, Legend, and Belief

06-03 Children’s Folklore

06-08 The Politics of Citation: On Not Citing the Usual Subjects

  • 2:30-4:30pm
  • Moira Marsh (Indiana University), Allison B Chaplin (Indiana University Press), Willa L. Liburd Tavernier (Indiana University), Mary Margaret Manning (University of Houston)

Saturday, Oct. 15

07-08 Women, Legend, and Ballad in Greater Mexico

07-03 Sacred Spaces

09-06 Exploring Folklore and Literature

09-09 Gender and Belief

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