American Council of Learned Societies Seeks Program Officer of Higher Education Initiatives

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The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is seeking a two-year term Program Officer to enhance their efforts to connect, convene, and learn from our member societies, higher education partners, and community of fellows, with a particular focus on issues related to the digital and public humanities. Working with colleagues in the division of US Programs, the program officer will create and carry out projects that support institutional programs in areas in which humanists engage with grand societal challenges – particularly but not exclusively those associated with issues of climate change, social justice, and public health. The program officer will also work with ACLS’s Vice President, James Shulman, to lead ACLS’s current projects related to the creation and dissemination of humanistic knowledge using digital methods and platforms. These projects range from support of digital humanities projects, especially those associated with racial and social justice, publishing initiatives, and faculty reward systems’ utilization of data created and gathered digitally, research, publishing and communications, as well as consult on and create new initiatives that foster collaboration and public engagement. 

Inquiries may be directed to the ACLS HR Manager, Tina Li at [email protected]. Visit for more information. 

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