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The American Folklife Center opened the third round of the Community Collections Grant program is open for applicants.

The Community Collections Grants from the American Folklife Center (AFC) fund and support contemporary cultural field research and documentation within diverse communities. Available to Individuals and Organizations, the grants offer up to $50,000 each to support projects within their communities to produce ethnographic cultural documentation, such as of interviews with community members and audio-visual recordings of cultural activity, from the community perspective. The center will archive the collections from grant projects to preserve and showcase this rich and valuable cultural documentation, expanding its representation and inclusion of contemporary cultural expressions and traditions that may otherwise be absent from the national record.

The program is open to US-based Individual applicants and non-profit Organizations (subject to 26 U.S.C. 501 c (3)), including institutions of higher education, colleges and universities, as well as professional associations and community groups. For 2024, the Library intends to award ten 12-month grants of up to $50,000 each.

Applications are currently open for the Community Collections Grant program and are due August 18 @ 2pm Eastern Time. For the latest updates on applications, subscribe to the Of the People blog and register for informational webinars.

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