Artistic Dynamos: An Ethnography on Music in Central African Kingdoms by Brian Schrag

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Brian Schrag’s Artistic Dynamos: An Ethnography on Music in Central African Kingdoms uses stories and research from Ngiembɔɔn communities of Central and West Cameroon as touchstones for proposing new approaches to arts scholarship and community development. Building on the results of ethnographic research, artistic action is viewed through the lens of communication. This view brings a picture of increased cultural energy in the enactment of artistic genres—those with melodic, rhythmic, poetic, dramatic, visual, and performative features. Schrag’s treatise will change how scholars across disciplines understand and engage with the arts. This volume offers methods for improved scholarship, resulting in communities living better lives. The author’s website contains the video and audio recordings discussed in the book, plus full color versions of many photos and diagrams.

You can purchase the book through RoutledgeAmazonGoogle Books, or Barnes & Noble.

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