Call for Book Chapters: The Founding Fault: Representations of Slavery in TV Miniseries

Calls for Submissions

The editors of a forthcoming edited volume are looking for original contributions on TV Miniseries representing slavery and racism in the US. Submissions are due by March 30, 2022.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Genre (historical/period drama, horror, magic realism, alternative history)
  • History as intertext (i.e., the appearance of historical characters, such as Harriet Tubman)
  • Roots as the mother of this sub-genre; the explicit or implicit critique of racist Hollywood movies (such as Birth of a Nation, Gone with the Wind, and others)
  • A comparison to miniseries that treat other mass atrocities; trauma studies; #BLM, representations of religion, spirituality, and the spectral
  • The influence of Jordan Peele’s movies Get out and US, and the recent backlash against so-called “critical race theory.”

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