Call for Nominations for AFS President, Board, and Nominating Committee

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The American Folklore Society acknowledges the critical role that diverse leadership will play in our future success. This year, in collaboration with the AFS Executive Board, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates in three areas: 

●      Nominating Committee (1 open position) 

●      Executive Board (3 open positions) 

●      President (1 open position)

We especially welcome nominations of members who can contribute to building greater accessibility to AFS and the field and who have ideas for addressing issues of precarity in the profession. Nominations should prioritize diversity, including people of color, queer-identifying, and individuals with disabilities, as well as candidates with innovative approaches to folklore work. The purpose of these Board priorities is to cultivate a leadership that reflects the membership AFS wishes to develop.

The Nominating Committee encourages all AFS members to recommend strong candidates for any of these offices by sending an email to Anika Wilson, Nominating Committee chair at [email protected] by June 20, 2022.

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