CFP: Circular Economy and Climate Change: Valuing Indigeneity and Sustainability

Calls for Submissions

Guest editors of the International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management invite contributions for a special issue on the circular economy. Submissions are due by July 30, 2022.

The goal of the issue is to analyze sustainability and climate solutions in the light of the circular economy and indigeneity for past, present, and future generations.


  1. The editors invite papers exploring mutual relationships between humankind, heritage, economic system, and environment that benefit people, their communities, and non-human species.
  2. The editors are particularly interested in interdisciplinary collaborations that use the concept of circular economy to study biodegradable craftsmanship, storytelling, and customs that can help to cut waste, avoid pollution, avoid damaging nature, reuse materials, and protect and regenerate ecosystems, and promote social and emotional wellbeing.
  3. This issue seeks solutions to reduce the adverse effects of climate change to foster resilient livelihoods, good health, and wellbeing in indigenous, local, and folk communities for sustainable futures. The editors encourage submissions from all disciplines to study the concept of indigeneity, circular economy, climate solutions and sustainability that affects heritage, public policy, regional planning, engineering, geography, and economics in aligning with issues of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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