CFP: ‘Demons Good and Bad’ — An Interdisciplinary Perspective

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Organizers are inviting submissions for a conference to be held at Trinity College Dublin from October 27-28, 2022 titled “‘Demons Good and Bad’ — An interdisciplinary perspective.” Submissions are due by January 15, 2022.

Juxtaposed with Halloween 2022 celebrations in Dublin, the conference will explore the ambivalence of demons, e.g., in terms of their perceived spatial location, morality, physical essence, and functionality; their decline and rise in recent times; and implications of their perceived presence in multiple aspects of human life.

Professor Julian Goodare of the University of Edinburgh will be the keynote speaker.

Potential paper topics will explore demons and ambivalence within contexts such as:

  • Demons in history
  • Demons in religious texts
  • Demons and medicine
  • Demons in literature
  • Psychological demons
  • Demons in visual arts
  • Demons, knowledge, science
  • Demonic and demonized animals
  • Human-demonic relations
  • Demonic and demonized humans
  • Cinematic demons
  • Demons in popular culture
  • The changing symbolisms of demons within/ across tradition(s), culture(s), society(ies) or religion(s)
  • The changing significance of demons across interconnected disciplines, such as religion, society, economics, nutrition, etc.

The proceedings of this conference will be published in a peer-reviewed volume.

Abstracts of approximately 200 words should be sent to the organizers:

Dr Zohar Hadromi-Allouche [email protected]

Dr Jonathon ODonnell [email protected]

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