CFP: Edited Volume in Emerging Perspectives in the Study of Folklore and Performance

Calls for Submissions

Emerging Perspectives in the Study of Folklore and Performance seeks to forefront the ways that folklore and performance inform each other and are actively situated in our world today.

Dr. Solimar Otero of Indiana University and Dr. Anthony Bak Buccitelli of Pennsylvania State University are calling for submissions that explore existing and emerging discourses between folklore studies and performance studies.  These necessarily include development in areas of research and theory in both fields. Topics may include but are not limited to the intersection of folklore and performance in digital lives, race and technology, social movements, ritual, narrative, quotidian expressive culture, archival practices, ambient play, post-human intersectionalities, speculative world-making, encoded constructions of self and culture, and embodied knowledge. They are also interested in approaches that include an analysis of concepts like practice/praxis, repetition, event, mediation, mobility, materiality, enactment, ephemerality, tradition, and insurgent temporalities.

Otero and Buccitelli envision this volume being placed at a university press that speaks to audiences in both folklore and performance studies.  Please send a 250-word abstract to Solimar Otero [email protected] and Anthony Bak Buccitelli [email protected] by September 1, 2021.

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