CFP: Entertainment and American Popular Culture Since 1950

Calls for Submissions

Dr. Elwood Watson of East Tennessee State University and Dr. Blake Scott Ball of Huntington College are soliciting proposals for a collection of essays on Entertainment and American Popular Culture Since 1950.  Popular Culture has been an integral factor in the fabric of America since its inception. Indeed, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the film and television we watch, literature we consume and other facets of our daily being is heavily, if not entirely influenced by the culture that we reside in. Exploring this culture can reveal some of our most deeply held beliefs and assumptions, ideas that we may otherwise take for granted. This is particularly the case since the mid-20th century. 

Submitted proposals should discuss any of the following topics: celebrities, events, awards, music, pageants, film, television, race, gender, religion, literature, sexuality, family, technology, etc. Essays must focus on the topic of entertainment or the entertainment industry in some fashion.

Consideration will be given to submissions from ABD’S and individuals from varied academic backgrounds. Strong preference will be given to those with a Ph.D., Ed.D., MFA, MBA, Juris Doctorate, Journalists, MD, and others with terminal degrees. Proposals should be no more than two pages. Submission deadline is September 30,2021 and should be sent to either:

  • Elwood Watson, Ph.D., Professor of History, African American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies at East Tennessee State University, (423) 439-8575, [email protected] 

  • Blake Scott Ball, Ph.D., Chair of Department of History and Political Science Huntington College, (334) 833-4550, [email protected]

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