CFP: Festschrift in Honor of Denise Kozikowski and the UCLA Folklore and Mythology Program

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Folkloristic scholarship has expanded to embrace personal narrative as a traditional genre of storytelling and in wider academic circles auto ethnography has come to be accepted as valid research methodology. With this volume of Festschrift, a tribute to both folklorist Denise Kozikowski (1969-2022) and to the UCLA Folklore & Mythology Program (1965-2001) that trained her, Western Folklore is merging and expanding these genres and methodologies to include what they term “memory ethnography.” 

Western Folklore welcomes articles and essays or other forms documenting memories of the UCLA Folklore & Mythology Program that capture some part of its essence, focusing specifically on folklore traditions that arose during or even after its official existence as an institutional entity. With the body of these memory ethnographies as a whole, they hope to capture the profound creativity and spark of joy that both the program and Denise imbued the lives and identities as folklorists with.

Email submissions by January 1, 2023.

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