CFP: Interdisciplinary Anthologies on Home and Homeland

Calls for Submissions

Jean Amato, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Kyunghee Pyun, Associate Professor of Art History at the Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York (FIT) are developing two anthologies on the representation of home and ancestral homeland in visual art/literature/film/performing arts. Submissions are due by March 20, 2022.

Pyun is an art historian; Amato is a scholar of comparative literature and film whose research centers on homeland studies, diaspora and cultural geography. 

Anthology 1: Homemaking in Diaspora: Multidisciplinary Representations of Home and the Ancestral Homeland 

Anthology 2: Representation of Home and Ancestral Homeland in Diasporic Asian Literature and Art

They are soliciting essays for the two anthologies. They will propose which anthology is more suitable for each submission. This volume includes papers by comparative scholars from diverse disciplines of literature, cinema, art history, archeology, cultural studies, and gender studies. Our goal is to help literary and art historian scholars in particular, better decolonize and open up traditional research methodologies, curricula, and pedagogies. Their definition of Asia is broad, including both South, Southeast, East, Northeast, Central, and West Asia in addition to Polynesian islands.  

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