CFP: International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management Special issue on Circular Economy, Climate Solutions and Sustainability

Calls for Submissions

International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management invites academic papers from academics, researchers, planners, policymakers and practitioners in the domain of social sciences in collaboration with colleagues from any of them in the humanities, business studies, natural, life and earth, engineering, public health and medical sciences, focusing on the Circular Economy, Climate Solutions and Sustainability.

Climate change is a reality. It could not be wished away. Work needs to be done to find solutions by engaging collaboratively with humankind communities. Nonetheless, it should be acknowledged, indigenous and folk communities are accustomed to live and maintain their livelihoods with the objective of the circular economy and sustainability in some way over the generations. Likewise, the local/traditional/indigenous knowledge, resources, technology, and innovation have significant impacts by applying and practising nature-based solutions on maintaining green economic growth without undermining the planet boundaries and intention of linear approach in resilient societies and sustainable ecosystems. The learning of and lessons from the folk, local, and indigenous communities, who have been managing their cultural and natural landscape over the generations, can’t be ignored. There are opportunities to blend the forefather’s tradition (e.g., biodegradable craftsmanship, storytelling, traditional recipe, entrepreneurship, agricultural heritage, bio-culture and so on) and science to regenerate the ecosystem, avoid waste, and reuse communities’ natural resources-based products. 

Therefore, this call for papers aims to explore how mutual relationships between humankind, heritage, the economic system, and the environment can help us to take care of people, with pride, of the profession, at the place and to the planet.

This call for papers has a mission to step forward with the interdisciplinary collaboration to understand how we can build back better (BBB) traditional livelihoods and recover the community’s local economy and how their heritage can be better managed and protected. Likewise, there is also an appreciation for those researchers who would like to work with circular economy objectives on how biodegradable craftsmanship, storytelling, traditions can help to cut waste, avoid pollution, reuse the materials, and regenerate ecosystems. 

It is noteworthy that this particular call for papers will also welcome the research findings on how we can ethically and collaboratively investigate and communicate socioecological and economic problems and work with communities for their resilience to align SDGs to promote a better tomorrow. Last but not least, this issue aims to put forward the actions and solutions to reduce the adverse effects of climate change to foster resilient livelihoods, good health, and well-being in local, indigenous, and folk communities along with all humankind for a sustainable future. 

The aim is to encourage social scientists, economists, folklorists, anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, psychologists, development scholars, engineers, architects, agriculturalists, environmentalists, planners, policymakers, practitioners and inter-disciplinary researchers to publish their empirical, experimental, theoretical, policy and translational research works in as much detail as possible. We, therefore, encourage articles from all disciplines of scholarship to the study including but are not restricted to the circular economy, climate solutions and sustainability in the light of folkloristics, heritage, policy, planning, engineering, geography, and economics in aligning with issues of SDGs.

Contributions can address but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Circular economy and climate solutions in city planning
  • Ecological restoration and engineering in climate solutions
  • Nature-based Solutions, EbA, EbM and EbD risk reduction
  • Climate strategies and management in heritage and folkloristics
  • Circular Innovation and Investments for climate and agriculture
  • Circularity and climate issues on Water, Land and Resources
  • Climate solutions in waste management, and renewable energy
  • Climate financing and innovation for energy production & policy
  • Biodiversity resources recovery and regeneration in climate actions
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Policies for circular economy and climate

Research teams who are working on the topic and interested in having their work reviewed for an open-access journal are now invited to submit. Submit an abstract with 200 words with names and contact details to the editorial team at: [email protected]. The deadline for submission of an abstract is December 30, 2021. The deadline for full papers is July 30, 2022.

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